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27th March 2018

Feed Your Elephant releases app for learning about wine.


We are very proud to announce our latest app release, a microlearning app created in partnership with Decanter Magazine for improving knowledge of wine.


It contains over 600 questions across nearly 50 different modules covering topics as diverse as grapes, winemaking and wine law as well as regional modules covering areas such as Bordeaux, Italy and Australia.


As ever the app is free to download and contains over 10 free modules.


Decanter Know Your Wine on the App Store      #spacingworks  #lifelonglearning  #growthmindset

6th March 2018

Forgetting curve explains why humans struggle to memorize


"understanding how the [forgetting] curve works makes it easier to learn things that are deeply rewarding."


"If information is repeated at intervals, the brain has to reconstruct that memory, strengthening it like a muscle."


Quartz      #spacingworks  #crammingisbad  #forgettingcurve  #desirabledifficulty

28th July 2016

Human brains can hold 10 times more information than thought, equivalent to the entire internet.


The Independent    #vastmemory  #itsaproblemofretrieval

27th July 2016

Article on how waiters have an exceptional ability to remember orders.


Guardian Article    #growthmindset  #vastmemory  #itsaproblemofretrieval  #lifelonglearning

26th July 2016

Video on how taxi driver's hippocampus regions grow over time when exercised.


National Geographic     

#growthmindset  #vastmemory  #itsaproblemofretrieval  #lifelonglearning

25th July 2016

To begin, something lighthearted:

Jay Leno poking fun at the expense of unfortunate high school students.

The 10 Principles of Feeding Your Elephant


1. We learn in chunks ... #crammingisbad

2. ... when we should be s p a c i n g . #spacingworks

3. The most efficient way to learn a fact is to review it just before you forget it. #forgettingcurve

4. Active learning is more effective than passive learning. #activelearning
5. Effective learning pushes our boundaries. #desirabledifficulty

6. We have an almost infinite memory. #vastmemory

7. Our ability to use this memory is limited only by the performance of the

mechanisms that access it. #itsaproblemofretrieval

8. These mechanisms can be improved. #growthmindset

9. Spacing is a great way to exercise them... #spacingworks

10. ... and simultaneously improve our knowledge. #lifelonglearning

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