• Chris Webbe

Case Study: Coutts


Coutts is world-renowned for its personal approach to private banking and wealth management. This approach is part of the bank’s culture; increasing the competence and confidence of their employees are key objectives for any training they undertake. However, some of the desired outcomes and measures from this training were not being realised; the culture of regularly testing employees did not support a growth mindset for self-improvement in their employees or provide an accurate measure of the success of the training to the organisation.


Coutts looked to innovate and engage with new technology and a model of learning in order to ensure their teams would be highly efficient and meet the exceptional service standards expected. We worked with their L&D team to produce the ‘Know Your Coutts’ App to focus initially on compliance based learning to support employees who take regular tests to ensure they meet required levels of knowledge and understanding.

With time being such a precious commodity, employees required a solution which would fit into their busy schedules and be accessible when and where required (often on the move). The solution we provided allowed them to access content easily, no matter where they were located. The app broke down content into modules, and using the latest research on spacing, tested employees in regular bite-size chunks. Control of learning was put into the employee’s hands (quite literally) and learning became a visible, everyday part of an employee’s workload. The app also gathered effective, measurable data per user, which was used to inform training strategy moving forwards.


The app was well received by employees who were able to learn at their own pace and at a time which suited them. The microlearning element to the app meant that the demand on time was low, but the impact on retention of knowledge was strong. On average each user spent no more than 3 minutes on the app per day, completing around 124 questions per week.

We measured individual user progress through a simple knowledge audit test before the app was launched and then 8 weeks later. Every user increased their score and largely it was relative to their use of the app with the highest user score increasing from 36% to 84%.


“Useful app that only takes 5 minutes per day but really helps you retain information."

“Great for refreshing your memory on areas you don’t often deal with but need to know.”

“I loved the way it worked using active learning, great app.”

“Great refresher and prompt to embed knowledge, perfect filler when you have short time to kill, would use it regularly for the tests.”

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