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Case Study: Cranfield School of Management - Business Growth Programme (BGP)


Cranfield School of Management is consistently ranked as one of the top 20 business schools in Europe for executive development. The BGP course is for owner-managers of businesses with a turnover of between £1m - £20m, who are looking to grow that business.

The main part of the programme runs over 11 weeks. During that time, there are four sets of two-day modules at Cranfield, each with several content heavy lectures. Most owner-managers are time poor and are already spending a large amount of their time and resources to attend the course. Cranfield School of Management saw an opportunity to maximise the value of the course by providing a learning tool to accompany it.


We created the Know Your BGP App to accompany the lecture programme, with modules being released on the microlearning app after each set of lectures. Participants could process key information immediately after each lecture, which helped participants to retain important knowledge, and also acted as a prompt to revisit handouts and notes from those sessions.

Up to 90% of learning is typically forgotten within a week, but the app helped participants learn a variety of weighty business subjects efficiently and effectively, and importantly retain that knowledge beyond just a few days.


On average participants used the app for 3 minutes per day, answering 122 questions per week. All participants had been tested prior to using the app in a knowledge audit; the participants who had used the app the most outperformed those using it the least by up to 50% in a subsequent knowledge audit completed after 9 weeks of use. The highest user scored 88% on a random selection of questions from the 1,300 available. A number of the participants are still using the app three months after the course finished, and can continue to do so for as long as the like.


“App is amazing, genuinely made the course for me as I forget so much.”

Allan Jackson, Quest Joinery

“Great product, prompted me to look things up and learn, and re-visit things I might otherwise have never gone back to.”

Sarah Millar, Sister London

“I missed one of the modules but because of the app I was able to keep up.”

Rachel Richards, DSA Electrical

“Used throughout the course, enjoyed it and definitely helped as there is so much to take in.”

Andy Pritchard, Arum

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