• Chris Webbe

Case Study: Decanter


Decanter is a leading wine and wine-lifestyle magazine, which is published in about 90 countries on a monthly basis. The magazine includes industry news, vintage guides and wine and spirits recommendations. Decanter also organizes the annual Decanter World Wine Awards.


Wine is fast becoming a key learning area globally, with over 100,000 people signing up to courses with WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) alone. This growing area of qualification, coupled with an increasing number of casual enthusiasts and collectors, means that the demand for trusted learning content is at an all time high.

We created the ‘Decanter Know Your Wine’ App in partnership with Decanter Magazine, using their knowledge and brand value and our unique learning technology on a revenue share basis. The app is offered to consumers on a ‘Freemium’ basis, free to download and try a limited release of content, with an annual subscription to unlock all content and future module releases.


Since the launch in May 2018 the app has had an average of 1,250 downloads per month, with a subscription rate of around 12%. With limited marketing push the app has performed very well. The content has grown from 600 questions across 50 modules, to nearly 1,500 questions across 148 modules at present.

The app has been well received with users, scoring 4.6 stars (out of 5) in App Store reviews and over 1,100 reviews submitted. Decanter Magazine have been pleased with the success of the knowledge retention app, which sits perfectly alongside their existing app. They are also pleasantly surprised with the number of links from the app to their website (40,000 to date), which has lead to increased revenues over and above those from app subscriptions.


“Great app and usability. Perfect for all levels of wine knowledge.” alexlayton84

“For those wine lovers out there this is a very cool app. Can go at your own pace and very easy to use. Your knowledge will increase 10 fold!” AntsFraser

“Best app I’ve found for wine questions.” Hyphee00

“This is a brilliant app. Really good fun to do throughout the day. I really feel the format aids learning and the questions inspire you to read around and learn even more.” Tommy V1

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