The Feed Your Elephant Apps

Decanter Know Your Wine


Wish you knew your Riesling from your Remontage? 


Decanter Know Your Wine is a Feed Your Elephant microlearning app with content curated in partnership with Decanter Magazine.

Feed Your Elephant Capitals


Wish you could name the capital of Holland?

OK, East Timor?

Feed Your Elephant Flags


Don't be a Wayne Rooney, know your Ireland from your Ivory Coast.

Feed Your Elephant Countries


Wish you could identify the nations of the World?

Feed Your Elephant

Spanish / French GCSE


Need to learn or improve you Spanish or French vocabulary?


These apps are based on the AQA GCSE curriculum for French and Spanish.

Feed Your Elephant Instruments


Ever wanted to know your lyre from your lute?

Your oboe from your ocarina?

In developmentplease register your interest.

Feed Your Elephant Elements


Want to know your periodic table, each element's name, periodic number, symbol and state?

In developmentplease register your interest.

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